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Do zobaczenia / See you, 2013


video installation containing two synchronized projections situated on the opposite walls


On each screen you can see a person who sits in front of a gray wall. At first it is not clear, whether these are the same or different videos. After a while the static situation is changing. Both characters reach for a glass of liquid. One reaches for a white drink. The other reaches for the black. Both black and white beverages are being sipped. When a character drinks, the picture is changing. It seems that drinking the white liquid causes the screen to bleach gradually and dinking the black one brings the darkness. The viewer can not see both projection at the same time. One has to turn from side to side. After a while, one sees only a white rectangle on one side and black one on the other.

Work is constructed by showing a distinction on several levels, which is clearly visible in the separation of the two screens. The two screens emphasize dichotomies (interior-exterior, reality-image, distance-participation, free will-determinism, unity-difference). Each of these axes represents the tension generated by a culturally significant difference. Artistic response to this tension is the excess. Consequently, we are dealing with a single piece which is clearly visible in the gray area between black and white screen.